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Water Damage From Washing Machine: 10 Prevention Tips


water damage from washing machine

Washing machines are very useful and essential tools that lighten every homeowner’s load of laundry. They get modernized these days, however, they aren’t exempted from being one of the leading causes of water damage. And this can be very expensive and frustrating, especially if not taken care of immediately. Having a good understanding of the causes can help you prevent water damage from washing machine. 

In this article, you will learn the most common causes of water damage from washing machine and its prevention tips.

What Causes Water Damage From Washing Machine

Where is the water coming from? The following are common ways that your washing machine may cause water damage to your home:

  • Supply Hose Failure

The issues related to the supply hose are the top cause of washing machine water damage. Supply hose failure happens when there’s a poor connection to the wall or washing machine and pinching of the hose during installation or replacement. Moreover, having an outdated supply hose is another cause that leads to brittleness.

  • Washing Machine Overloading

When you overload your washing machine, it can result in loosened valves, gaskets, and cracks which can contribute to internal leakage. Internal leaks can be a threat to your health due to water exposure that’s been in contact with the detergent, clothes’ dirt residues, and washing machine parts. Another negative effect is flooding in your laundry room which can be frustrating and can lead to water damage. Besides, too much detergent can cause flood damage due to excessive suds that can leak out of the machine.

  • Clogged Drainage Issues

The drainage system of your washing machine can lead to water damage issues caused by clogged draining pipes or improper alignment of pipes. Another reason is when your sewer backs up. Water damage caused by clogs can cause serious health problems. So it is best to bring in professionals to help you prevent water damage problems.

Tips for Preventing Washing Machine Water Damage

Water Damage from Washing Machine

A washing machine can be a great convenience in your home, but if not properly maintained, it can also cause water damage. One of the most common causes of water damage from washing machines is an overflow or leak. If left unchecked, even a small leak can lead to a big problem, resulting in standing water and a flooded room.

Here are some tips to help prevent water damage from your washing machine:

  1. Regularly check your washing machine for leaks and overflows. Inspect the hoses connected to the pump and ensure that they are securely attached.
  1. Install a water leak detector to get alerts in case of leaks. This device can help prevent flooding by shutting off hot and cold water supplies automatically to the washer.
  1. Check water supply hoses regularly for worn tubing, cracks, loose connections, or blisters. Change damaged hoses.
  1. Don’t overload your washing machine. Read the manufacturer’s guide and distribute clothes inside the machine evenly.
  1. Shut off water to both supply valves when the machine is idly sitting or if you will be away for several days. Change any valve that’s leaking and not properly operating. Or before leaving your home for an extended period, it is important to turn off the water supply to the washing machine. This can prevent potential disasters from occurring while you are away.
  1. Use the right detergent for your washing machine and know how much to use to avoid excessive suds and bubbles. This can cause the washer to overflow. 
  1. Change hoses every five years to prevent water damage from washing machines. Even if they don’t seem damaged, replace them still since deterioration occurs inside the hose and may not be visible.
  1. Make sure the washing machine is draining properly. If it is not, it can cause the machine to overflow and result in water damage. It is important to check the water supplies to the washer and ensure that they are turned on properly. Ensure that the drain hose is tightly inserted into the main drain line to prevent it from dislodging when the washer drains.
  1. Prevent the drain and supply hoses from becoming kinked by leaving at least four inches of space between the wall and your washer.
  1. Clean the water pump regularly to ensure that it is functioning properly. The pump is responsible for draining the water from the machine, and if it is not working, it can cause the machine to overflow.

Seek Pros for Washing Machine Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services

The effects of water damage can be very devastating. In minutes, water can affect walls, floorings, and other surrounding materials. If not dealt with immediately can lead to costly repairs. Thus, quick actions are very crucial. Should your home suffers from water damage from washing machine, contact professionals at Superior Restoration immediately.  We are here to help you with all of your water damage concerns and restoration needs. 

Please don’t hesitate to call our local office today, Water Damage Murrieta. We also offer round-the-clock water damage restoration services. 


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