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New Awareness of Fire Damage Needed for Murrieta


Summer is in full swing here in Murrieta, and with the Southern California summer comes the Southern California fire risk. Just a few weeks into Summer 2015, and Murrieta residents have already been alerted to the potential fire risk to the area. This warning acts as a reminder that Murrieta homes and their owners are always at risk of fire damage. Are you ready for when fire damage strikes? Statistics from the American Red Cross suggest that you probably aren’t.  Fortunately, there are some simple steps to take to ensure that you and your family are ready.

Create a Fire “Buffer Space”

Cal Fire has advised homeowners to create a “buffer space” between their homes and the surrounding brush in the area. This can be accomplished by minimizing the presence of flammable wood and plant material near the home. Clearing your lawn of weeds and brush, keeping firewood piles away from the house, and removing overhanging branches are all actions that a homeowner can take to create this anti-fire “buffer space”. Depending on the size of your property, that space should range from 30 to 100 feet.

Plan With Your Family

Given how frequently wild fires occur in Southern California, Cal Fire has also advised homeowners to have an emergency plan in place in case fire damage strikes. The steps in this plan are as easy as creating a meeting place for family members after evacuation, mapping out escape routes, and arranging emergency contacts. Despite an emergency plan’s simplicity, a startling amount of families don’t have one ready. By taking time with your family and planning out a fire emergency plan, you can be confident that when wild fire damage strikes, everyone will be secure.

Talk to Your Insurance Provider

When wild fire damage does strike, there won’t be a lot you can do to keep back the flames and prevent wild fire damage. Instead, verify that you have a homeowner’s insurance policy that covers fire damage, and confirm what the protocol is for when the worst happens. You may not be able to put out a wildfire already happening, but you can ensure that any fire damage inflicted on your home can be easily restored once the worst has passed.

It’s Up to You

Not many Murrieta residents are ready for when fire damage and wildfires strike. Make yourself the exception! By taking precautionary steps with your property, creating an emergency plan with your family, and keeping tabs on your insurance policy, you can ensure the safety of both your loved-ones and property from fire damage from years to come.


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