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What Causes Water Damage To Your Basement


Basement water damage is a common scenario for most homeowners. Basements are one of the rooms that are susceptible to water damage in a home, mainly because they are built partly or fully below the ground. For this reason, water damage to your basement can occur even during dry weather.


Weather-related causes, like heavy rains, are an easy answer. But when it has not rained for some days and you see water pooling in your basement, then you may need to do a little bit of investigation. A flooded basement is very frustrating. Knowing the cause of the problem helps you determine what proper actions and repairs are needed.


Causes of Water Damage to Your Basement


If your basement has experienced water damage, not including the rain, it is most likely one of these issues;


Plumbing Problems Inside Your Home

Your home is composed of several pipes. Both are used for sending water in and draining the water out to the street and most of them run through your basement. Any minor problems from these pipes can lead to basement water damage.


Sometimes, leaky pipes do not show signs of damage on your walls or ceilings. Instead, the water directly drains into your basement. A leaky pipe can cause significant damage to your basement. Check the areas where pipes are located (kitchen, bathroom, under the sink, around the toilet, tub, and shower) for signs of water damage or plumbing issues. Also, check appliances that involved water like washing machine, water heater, basement shower, etc. These appliances get worn out and can cause water damage to your basement.


Cracked Seals Around The Windows And Doors

The seals and caulks around the doors and windows in your home are essential in keeping harmful elements and warm or cool air away. However, seals crack and caulk flakes away overtime and cause outside air and moisture to seep into your home. With gravity, the moisture turns into puddles and accumulate into your basement.


Cracks On Your Foundation Walls

Cracks on your foundation walls can allow water from the outside to seep into your basement and eventually cause extensive water damage. Small cracks should also be taken seriously because they can turn into a bigger problem and allow more water to seep. What is even worse is, large cracks on your home’s foundation can compromise its structural integrity.

If you often see signs of dampness in your basement, even the weather is fine for some days, it might be cracks that cause increased humidity. Make sure to make necessary repairs as soon as possible, because increased humidity does not only cause water damage but it can also lead to mold growth.


Small Leaks in The Roof

Large leaks are easy to notice, but small leaks are usually hard to find and can cause more trouble. Rainwater travels through the roof trusses, following the frame that goes to the basement. On its way down, the water soaks the wood and causes damage. This small leak from the roof might be the cause of puddles in your basement after a rain.

After a heavy rainstorm, make sure to visit your attic and look for signs of leaks and wet spots. It might be due to a missing or broken shingles.


Sewage Backups

Blocked sewer lines can cause sewage backup to your basement. Several items like hair, grease, and others can cause blockage to the sewer lines, tree roots can grow through them and even old sewer lines of your municipality can back up and pool into your basement. In some cases, these issues cannot be prevented and the best way to prepare for it is to install a working sump pump in your basement.


How To Prevent Water Damage To Your Basement


There are some causes of water damage to a basement that is out of control, but there are some ways homeowners can do to protect themselves from dealing with it.

  1. Install a sump pump. If you have one, make sure to check and maintain it regularly.
  2. Clean gutters and make sure that they are free from any debris.
  3. Extend downspouts to ensure that water is diverted away from your home.
  4. Slope the ground around your home away from your foundation. Ideally, the ground next to your foundation should slope for at least six inches.
  5.  Check roofs for missing or broken shingles that can cause a water leak.
  6. Seal cracked caulks around your windows and doors to prevent water and moisture to seep into your home.
  7. Seal gaps or cracks on your foundation walls.
  8. Repair or replace damaged appliances that involved water.


Basement Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

In case your basement has suffered from water damage, contact the highly trained technicians at Superior Restoration. We are experts in dealing with all kinds of water damage and equipped. Our restoration experts will take of the entire job, from cleanup to restoration. We will ensure to restore your home to its pre-damaged condition.


For basement water damage cleanup and restoration, contact our local office today, Water Damage Murrieta.


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