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Understanding Water Extraction


When water damage occurs in your home, time is very crucial. Water damage is the most common type of property damage because of its plenty of ways of occurring. It can happen due to numerous internal causes like a pipe burst, sewage backups, and appliance malfunctions. Water damage can also occur due to natural disasters like flooding and heavy rainfall. 

Whatever the cause of the water damage is, water can do a lot of destruction to your home. Water can cause minor to significant structural damage, warping, and rotting. Porous materials, drywall, insulation, and wood can naturally absorb water, and when not extracted, it can ruin its purpose and cause secondary damage like mold growth. Mold can pose severe illnesses to you and your family.

Considering the amount of water can do to your property, water extraction is a necessary process that can make a lot of impact on restoring your home.

Here you will know the water extraction process and how important it is in restoring your water-damaged home. 

What Is Water Extraction?

Water extraction is the first and most crucial step of the restoration process. This process involves removing excess water and moisture in a water-damaged home or property. The main goal of this process is to minimize the damage after the influx of water. Water extraction not only minimizes damage but also lessens the risk of permanent damage to valuables, prevents mold growth, and restores the property to its pre-state condition.

Methods For Water Extraction

You can do water extraction in a few types of methods. But the first thing to do before performing the water damage repair is to find and stop the source of the damage. For instance, if the damage is due to a broken pipe, you must turn off the main water. When the source of the damage has been resolved, water extraction will soon be performed.

There are two more effective ways of removing standing water from your home:

  1. Vacuuming – Vacuums like wet/dry vacuums effectively eliminate excess water in carpets, floors, and even in porous surfaces. Vacuums work by putting down cleaning solution (to disinfect the affected area) and extracting moisture. The excess water and moisture are held in the vacuum tank.
  2. Using Pumps – Pumps, like a sump pump, can remove gallons of water at once. A pump works by pumping up the water and draining it out of your home. Pumps for water extraction vary in size. This feature helps in removing even hidden water faster and easier. If your home has been flooded with a high level of water, you can use a submersible pump to remove the successively.

Once you have done any of the methods above and successfully removed water and moisture, the drying process may begin. 

Can I Perform Water Extraction On My Own?

While it can be tempting to pull out a wet/dry vacuum and remove water by yourself, performing water extraction on your own is not a good idea. Water extraction requires proper equipment and techniques. Water can seep into areas of your home where you cannot easily see it. Without the right tools and enough knowledge, moisture can be left untreated and, without any interruption, can cause more damage, like mold growth.

Even you have the proper tools in removing water, water extraction on your own is incredibly unsafe. This is especially the case when water damage is the aftermath of sewage backup or natural flooding, which involves contaminated water. This water contains bacteria and pathogens that can be hazardous to health when coming in contact with.

Professionals at a water damage restoration company conduct this process with proper extraction equipment, knowledge, and techniques to remove water effectively.

What Is The Importance Of Emergency Water Extraction?

Water damage can cause severe destruction to a home, and when the unexpected happens, we should address the problem immediately to prevent significant damage. Time is of the essence. The longer the water sits in your home or property, the greater the damage will be. Worst, it can cause permanent damage to your home and even compromise its structural integrity, not to mention mold growth that can be harmful to humans. The sooner the water is removed from your property, the greater the chances of successful restoration.

Superior Restoration Water Extraction and Restoration

Our team at Superior Restoration is knowledgeable about performing water extraction and other processes of restoration. We only use tested, proven, and state-of-the-art equipment. Following proper steps is crucial so we won’t miss a thing.

We, at Superior Restoration, understand how stressful and dreadful water damage is. That is why we only have thoughts about providing you with only the best and quality service. Our entire team will be by your side to help you if the unthinkable happens.

If you need water extractions and restoration services, don’t hesitate to contact our local office, Water Damage Murrieta. We offer 24/7 emergency service. 

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