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Poria: the mold that eats your home


When it comes to any building structural integrity is key. Floor supports walls, walls for roof and the whole structure builds upon itself to support itself. Because the structural beams of our houses are covered up with drywall and stucco we often have no idea what’s going on behind those walls. Meruliaporia incrassate may be hiding just behind your wall without you knowing it.


This voracious mold, orange in colour, eats away at the wooden structure of your house. In the worst cases a formerly strong wooden crossbeam can be so even the way that you can push your finger through it with little effort.


What makes this fungus all the more dangerous is its ability to move around the house. Most mold growth is limited to a small area around a leak or other source of water. Poria on the other hand is not limited to a small area. It can form in the soil under a new patio or around a small leak in a pipe. It then continues to grow feeding off the wood of the house and using its roots to pump fresh water to its furthest extremity’s. It can then grow up the wooden structure of a house eating it as it goes. Unchecked this mold has the potential to destroy a house.


Recently California homeowners have noticed this mold and are seeking ways to deal with it. This may be due to a shift in how houses were built after the 1970s. They were built closer to the ground and with poor ventilation creating the ideal breeding ground for this type of mold.


If as a homeowner you suspect this mold might be present in your house here is something to remember. A patch job will not help you in the long run. This mold has to be eradicated entirely by a qualified mold remediation company. Left alone your house will literally fall down around your ears. Talking to your insurance and seek professional help.


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