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9 Threats Of Untreated Water Damage To Your Home


Untreated Water Damage

Water damage is not an ordinary problem that homeowners face. It can be caused by many factors, such as burst pipes, water leaking from washing machines, and flood damage. Regardless of the cause, untreated water damage can lead to serious structural damage and health risks.

And even if it is caused by just a small amount of water, can be very devastating. The small leak that you might be seeing now can pool down and become a major problem in the near future. The result could be more harmful and pricey. 

We don’t really think how catastrophic water is until either we find ourselves paying for costly repairs or starting to lose our used-to-be well-built home. Exposing your home to water damage for a long time can cause it to be inhabitable or irreparable. Below are the threats of untreated water damage. 

9 Threats of Untreated Water Damage

1. Water Damage Can Depreciate The Value of your home 

Water damage can be an unsightly decoration to your home and it is always difficult to cover up. Untreated water damage can leave permanent stains on your walls and floors. Painting the stains won’t totally remove signs of water damage. An inspector can easily identify the damage that was not addressed.

As a result, potential buyers will either consider moving to another option or offer you lesser money for your property.   

2. Water Weakens Wooden Floors and Walls 

Structural damage is another consequence of untreated water damage. Water can make the structure of your home weak, leading to instability. This can be especially dangerous if you have wood floors since wood is naturally absorbent.

Even a small amount of water can make its way to seep into the entire length of the wood. The longer you let water sit in the wood, the weaker it becomes, causing your floors and walls to warp and buckle. And in the long run, it can compromise the structural integrity of your home.

 3. Water Damage Can Ruin Your Electrical System

You probably have heard that water and electricity don’t go along well together. Water can cause your electricity to short and can damage your circuits. The longer the water sits, the higher the chances of having severe damage to your electricity, making it unsafe.

It is certainly not a problem you can fix on your own, so it is best to call in professionals to thoroughly check and fix any electrical damage.

4. Water Can Ruin Your drywall 

Untreated water damage can cause your drywall to become irreparably ruined.  Exposure to water for an extended period of time can cause your drywall to warp or deform and become a perfect place for mold growth. As a result, the water damaged drywall needs to be cut out and replaced. 

5. Water Can Corrode Pipes

When pipes get corroded, they tend to develop a leak, which could cause a more severe problem. Water damaged pipes, when untreated for a longer time, can lead you to more costly water damage restoration services. 

6. Dripping Water Can Lead To Holes In Your Concrete

A small drip might be considered a minor problem. But a small drip, if untreated for a longer time, can eat through the concrete, affecting your home’s foundation and leaving it structurally unsound.

7. Water Can Damage Metal Structures, Trusses, And Insulation

This type of water damage doesn’t necessarily need flowing or dripping water. Standing water, if left untreated, can be the threat of severe damage and can weaken the framework of your home. 

Water damage metal structures and trusses can cause your home to be physically weaker while water-damaged insulation can cause mold growth. Even more, damage to insulation can increase your electricity bills. 

8. Break Down Of Carpet

Carpets are made durable, but leaving them with water can cause a breakdown. If water sits in your carpet for too long, it can warp decay and loosen your carpet padding and subflooring. Water damage on your carpet can become a lasting problem.

9. Health Hazards

Untreated water damage can result in serious health risks. Flood water contains bacteria, pathogens, and other contaminants that can be harmful to you, your family, and your belongings. Chemicals, contaminants, and toxins can still linger even after the floodwater has been sucked up by a shop vac. 

Your water damaged home, if left untreated, can be a perfect home for bugs, and fungus.  Moreover, it can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. The damp and humid area is the perfect condition for these harmful organisms to grow. These elements in your home can be the cause of unexplainable illnesses and allergies. 

Prevent Untreated Water Damage

In conclusion, untreated water damage can lead to serious structural damage and health risks. Whether it’s caused by a burst pipe, leaky washing machines, or flood damage, it’s important to take action within 24 hours to prevent further damage.

If you experience any water damage, it’s important to contact a professional immediately to assess the damage and begin the repair process. By addressing water damage as soon as possible, you can protect your home and family from the risks associated with untreated water damage.

Water damage repairs can really be costly. The longer you wait, the more extensive the damage can become, leading to even higher repair costs. By addressing water damage immediately, you can prevent further damage and ensure the safety of your home and family.

Call Superior Restoration for Untreated Water Damage

It is definite that leaving water damage untreated can harm you and your property. Not only that, but it can also cause you to spend a lot of money on repairs. There is a big difference between the cost of repair on water damage that was addressed right after it happened and the water damage that is left untreated for a longer time.

The severity of water damage depends on the amount of time and amount of water that has entered your property. Even small amounts of water can cause damage to your home, especially if left untreated for an extended period. If you experience any water damage, it’s important to take action within 24 hours to prevent further damage.

If you suspect water damage in your home or if you see signs of water damage, contact your local water damage restoration company. It is always best to have this damage repaired by professionals to make sure that the damage is fully fixed.

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