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7 Tips on Cleaning Up a Flooded Bathroom


7 Tips on Cleaning Up a Flooded Bathroom

People often spend a moment of tranquility in their bathrooms. However, the termed ‘restroom’ can become a stress room once you discover that your home has a flooded bathroom. This can really be frustrating since your home’s structure can be damaged, possessions harmed, and the expense injured.

For a flooded bathroom, there are measures you can follow to prevent lifelong damage and floods on your property.

Why Hire a Restoration Company

Calling a professional from a trusted restoration company may be of significant help in saving your home from a flooded bathroom. This action can prevent water damage all throughout. Solving this issue yourself may endanger your health and the process may be tricky and complicated. 

Hiring a restoration company can ease your burden. With the right skills, equipment, and process, from assessing to soaking up the water to disinfecting and drying out rooms. They will make sure that your flooded bathroom can become as good as new, once steps are taken.

Common Causes of Bathroom Floods


  • Clogged pipes and  blocked drains:

This is the most common cause of a flooded bathroom. Everyone in the household uses showers including sinks more often. So this will lead to a build-up of traces of hair, dirt, or whatever you are washing off. As a result, water runoff may slow down or eventually stop. 

Your toilet may also be at risk of obstruction. This is because of flushing toilet paper, sanitary napkins, and other unnecessary stuff.

  • Toilet malfunctioning:

This occurs when one of the components in the toilet’s cistern wears away or cracks. A toilet that is functioning well will halt filling once it attains a certain volume. When parts of the mechanism break apart, this refill activity will just continue leading to toilet overflows.

  • Burst pipes/ broken pipes:

Burst pipes may cause leaks and eventually a flooded bathroom. If a pipeline bursts beneath a bathroom floor, it will end up flooding your bathroom or any room under it. This occurs where there is high water pressure due to clogs or any issue in your home’s water supply. 

  • Negligence or carelessness:

We are sometimes so occupied with the hustles of life that we tend to be lax and focus on other simple things. Sometimes, we leave the shower or faucet open and causing overflowing in the bathroom.

Tips on How to Clean Up a Flooded Bathroom

You can’t just leave a flooded bathroom even for a period of time! This can lead to serious effects of water damage such as mold growth and structural damage. So act right away and follow the tips below:

  1. Shut off the water if it’s still running. Turning off the main water shut-off valve is the first thing to do.
  2. Turn off the electrical main switch once the flowing water has stopped. You can now unplug wet appliances and dry them outside.
  3. Repair issues right away. If the problem is an overflowing sink, just turn off all the taps. However, for serious plumbing issues like burst pipes or hidden water leaks, call a professional.
  4. Think about your insurance and don’t forget to take pictures for documentation before you begin the repairs and clean-up.
  5. Remove standing water then clean and disinfect all the affected areas. You may use rugs, towels, or wet vac to get rid of serious water in your bathroom.
  6. Use fans, open windows, and doors to dry the areas of dampness. You may opt to install a dehumidifier to remove excess dampness or moisture in your home.
  7. Fix the damage by patching or replacing the affected part. This is if your flooded bathroom has damaged the floors, walls, ceiling, or installations in your property. Ignoring them will just cause a bigger mess, especially mold and mildew.


Let Experts Take Care of Your Flooded Bathroom

We recommend that you hire a water damage restoration company like Superior Restoration. They have a team of experts who can handle and fix a flooded bathroom and other flood problems. They can bring the best end result! 
We are ready to serve your area 24/7. Get in touch with our professionals, and contact Water Damage Murrieta.


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